On A Personal Note

Communication is my passion – the past 30 years in the industry is testament to this. I understand the fine nuances and intricacies of communication, consumer behaviour and the importance of building authentic relationships and a solid network. It’s that solid network that has spurred me on to diversify my business offering and combine my PR prowess with online digital marketing.

My career began in the media where I learned to work to deadlines, multi-task with precision, master the art of styling, coordinating in tight time-constraints, and understanding what consumers need. A few years later, I launched Armstrong Communication and PR, specialising in business to consumer brands. I’ve been privileged to work with numerous leading local and global brands, as well as multi-national companies, assisting them in making their mark in the world.

While PR has been a big part of my life, the exponential growth of the digital industry and the powerful opportunities it presents when merged with PR and a customer-centric approach, spurred me to relaunch in 2019 and lead the agency into a new era. Having trained in all aspects of Digital Marketing and keeping up with the latest technologies, trends, and opportunities, my team and I are offering clients a unique and personalised service broadly encompassing all platforms and market needs.

Karen Armstrong - Founder - PR & Digital Marketing expert

I’m married with two children and love to cook up a storm for family and friends. I also enjoy gardening and my latest passion is my organic kitchen garden. Spending time in the outdoors lifts my spirit and boosts my energy levels.

I’m deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of people and environmental issues. I’ve therefore always been naturally drawn to companies, brands, campaigns or professionals who seek a meaningful purpose – particularly those that help make a difference in our world.

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