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Before we even begin to put our creative caps on, we take time to understand your business and brand. During this most important step, we analyse exactly what makes your brand tick, what has worked and what hasn’t, your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and who your competitors are. We identify your real customers and their needs. Our research process goes beyond just collecting data or matching archetypes. This part of the process is essential and forms the building blocks we use to take your brand to great heights.

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Whether you have an existing brand or need to start from scratch, we have the know-how and tools to develop, position and effectively communicate your brand voice and story. Your brand is your business’s identity – we aim to make it one to remember!

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From words to video, and on to photography and other graphics, our eclectic team can create and craft original, quality and topical content. Compelling and SEO focused content is developed and re-purposed according to the relevant channels.

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Your website is essential for your online credibility and digital marketing strategy. SEO content writing is critical for ranking. It is all about the clarity, the quality and the ability to be easily found in internet search results – all of which we offer in our national and local SEO services.

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Cause marketing has the dual purpose of increasing success while ‘doing good’. Based on your business and values, we can identify community and social causes to support, manage the relationship, and spread the word. When you give from the heart, we can help you make a difference and get the recognition and appreciation. Customers who see your marketing efforts supporting an important cause will certainly acknowledge that you are trying to make the world a better place. They will more than likely reward you with their loyalty and support.

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Using a mix of traditional and online PR, your brand gets the endorsement it deserves. Think social media – including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, media releases, opinion pieces and blogs, digitorials, native advertising, events, webinars, brand experiences, launches, influencer, and blogger relations, and wherever else your business would best feature. Focusing on thought leadership angles – speaker opportunities – networking – we have the experience and know the right people. We also specialise in crisis communication, preparing and supporting you for the unexpected – rolling out the correct communication when it’s needed.

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Once we have defined your ideal consumer and online marketing strategy, we will know exactly which digital platforms to harness. Mobile marketing – email marketing – pay-per-click advertising – lead generation campaigns – and so much more are on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

PR helps to build real and loyal relationships between companies, brands, professionals and the people who matter most to them. It not only helps build your brand image and align key messages across offline and online channels, it builds credibility and loyalty. In today’s world, people are much more likely to respond to an outside opinion or third party endorsement than a brand’s self-promotion. By combining PR and online marketing in a cross-channel approach, we offer a resilient and unequalled strategy.

  • Content Creation. PR experts are masters at creating and presenting topical, well-written, and interesting content. This is a major driving force behind online traffic and engagement. A PR and Digital Marketing agency will help you create, leverage, and re-purpose a wide range of content across online and offline channels for maximum reach and impact. The spin-off is that you will continue to be reinforced as an authority and expert in your field.
  • SEO. A PR & Digital Marketing agency will skilfully optimise online content for search engines in an effective way to improve your visibility. Search engines, like Google, favour content that is useful and features searched terms, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Social. The social media phenomenon has transformed the marketplace and presented opportunities for businesses to enhance their relationships with core audiences. Your agency should be a key player in your brand’s social media efforts, promoting consistent brand messages through the social media channels that are important to your audiences.
  • Online advertising. From pay-per-click to display and social media ads, if your campaign is set up correctly, it offers a fast and accurately targeted reach. Cost-effective and flexible, it offers valuable access to data too to track and update campaigns.
  • Electronic newsletters. E-mail marketing is still a very popular channel and therefore the perfect tool for building relationships to help you to reach your goals. There are, however, many elements to running a successful e-mail campaign. From the wise use of technology to content and design, if it’s done right, you will reach and influence your target audience and keep their interest.
  • Mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is the future. Cellular devices are not only the key communication tool for most people, they are also a means of accessing information and performing lifestyle actions. They are an important channel in building closer relationships with consumers, gaining insight into their cellular behaviour and driving sales. From creating and managing mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites to SMS campaigns, you will achieve better brand positioning and drive results.

The proverbial saying, too many cooks spoil the broth rings true here. By having a single agency coordinating and accountable for the strategy, all content is aligned. There are no blind spots or chances of any miscommunication between agencies or creatives. You are ensured of the best possible cross-channel strategy suitable for your requirements. It will save time and money too.

A detailed audit beforehand will reveal what strategy is recommended and which digital platforms will meet set objectives and offer the best results. To use all the platforms is not necessarily the best strategy. Each platform speaks to a very different dynamic of audience, as do the products and/or services offered by businesses.

Search engine optimisation or SEO, is the process of increasing website traffic and visibility to a particular website. This is achieved by a set of ever-changing rules, generally governed by Google, being one of the largest search engines in the world. There are three types of SEO to focus on – on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. All are equally important when it comes to your website and content therein.

PR can help to enhance a website’s domain authority. By securing high visibility online placements and optimising digital content, quality PR can make your key messages much more attractive to Google and other search engines. Promoting content through PR is a terrific opportunity to drive SEO rankings and showcase your company to a larger audience.

Social media is indeed where everyone is socially and professionally. By not having a social and online presence, you will inevitably be left behind as newer and more innovative competitors replace you. Besides ensuring you have a consistent flow of engaging and relevant social posts going out to the public – organically and paid – a social media strategy can help you to:

  • Keep track of industry trends to make swift adjustments that will meet market requirements
  • Analyse your target audience including what they like, don’t like, how they troll social media (when what, why) and how your posts compare to similar industries
  • Give your customers what they want before others do
  • Keep in touch with your customers and deliver promptly and effectively
  • Get that competitive edge by keeping you ahead of the pack
  • Up your SEO on your website
  • Reach a previously unreachable audience – and segment your audience in relation to product/service by choosing the right platforms for each offering
  • Enhance your personal relationship with your customers
  • Create sales funnels and convert cold and warm leads into qualified and loyal customers

No strategy or campaign is ever the same because of the different variables and objectives at play. Once we know what you want to achieve, we work key elements into the budget and produce a plan that will, in essence, achieve the goal, even if that means a phased or layered approach. Clients are yet always assured of no excessive big agency fee structures.

They help you position your message or placement at the top of search engines through specific keyword targeting. Online advertising campaigns such as Google Ads take time and one cannot expect results within the first month. We will keep you updated at all times on how the campaigns are progressing and tweak them where needed to produce optimal results. It is important to note that Google Ads does not suit every industry and/or business offering. We will analyse this in our strategy research.

E-mail marketing is still a very popular channel and so the perfect tool for building relationships to help you to reach your goals. There are many elements to running a successful e-mail campaign. From the wise use of technology, to content and design, if it’s done right, you will reach and influence your target audience and keep their interest.

A Digital Marketing agency only works with online channels whereas an integrated PR & Digital Marketing agency engages consumers on many channels, online and offline. PR experts are communication specialists who know how to develop the right content to win more hearts. PR also offers unique experiences and valuable third endorsement which are hard to match. By using and integrating online and offline channels skilfully, you can greatly enhance your objectives of reaching your goals.